Amorepacific SIENU launched the first CNY collection limited edition package
to celebrate the Year of the White Ox in 2021. The Package featuring 
rich illustrations and motion graphics is designed to showcase the brand's 
adventurous story of exploring the priceless treasures of ingredients.

The design is inspired by the concept of the "HOLY JOLY COW" - an adventure 
of a sacred cow bringing fortune - derived from the Year of the Ox in 2021. 
The story unfolds with a white cow escaping from the barn 
and exploring nature, bringing prosperity and abundance.

The main illustration prominently features five cows adorned 
with magnificent and ornate jewels in the center, while scenes from the 
video are arranged at each corner depicting an "Exploration of Eastern Jewels" as the brand story. 
The free-spirited cow leaping into a butterfly ivy, the prosperous cow 
nourishing its young, and the sacred cows strolling elegantly through 
the forest are harmoniously arranged within a square frame, evoking
 a dense and stable sense of luxury, like a beautiful vintage scarf. 
The animals are portrayed as illuminated jewels adding a festive atmosphere 
of the New Year and a luxurious brand mood. 

A minute-long main video begins with small beads coming together to form a 
New Year’s greeting. The video shows a white cow embarking on an exploration 
in which it encounters flowers and birds and freely travels through a new world. 
The music was commissioned by a sound artist and created exclusively for the video
 to improve the finishing of the video with a perfectly balance of the image movement. 

Impression & mise en couleur

Depuis 2012, Antoinette Poisson redonne vie au savoir-faire artisanal de la dominoterie dans le respect des techniques des maîtres dominotiers du XVIIIème siècle.

Décoration & scénographie

Nous mettons à votre service l’ensemble de nos compétences pour définir votre projet de décoration en vous accompagnant de sa conception jusqu’à sa réalisation.

Design & collaboration

Nous allions nos savoir-faire à celles des marques pour créer des univers uniques et signer des objets personnalisés qui prennent essence dans les arts décoratifs du XVIIIème siècle.

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