Laseioge is a premium lifestyle brand that combines functionality and beauty to create products in the home goods category. 
Laseioge enriches everyday products with unique beauty, offering an experience where daily life is infused with art. 
Eggndart has developed the brand identity design, package design, and container design to effectively express Lascioge's brand story and philosophy. 
Typically, everyday consumer goods available in the market are predominantly driven by manufacturing-focused companies, 
often prioritizing functionality or adhering to a minimalistic style in terms of design. 
We have recognized this and chosen a decorative and rich-toned brand design direction to provide products that can be kept and used for a long time.

The Design Concept

The design concept is rooted in the brand story of "Discovering Solutions in Nature." Nature provides us with abundant inspiration and solutions, playing a vital role in the brand narrative. The first product, the air freshener, was created based on wisdom derived from nature. Laseioge's air freshener purifies the air through a harmonious blend of eco-friendly ingredients, including natural coral calcium, eucalyptus, and phytoncide essential oil, harnessing the power of plants to create a subtle and refreshing fragrance. Eggndart has developed a symbolic pattern design composed of colors representing each ingredient, effectively capturing the brand's mission of revitalizing everyday life through the wisdom of nature.

Brand Identity Design

The brand identity of Laseioge focuses on conveying a consistent image while showcasing diverse designs across its product range. To achieve this, a flexible emblematic symbol in the form of a variable emblem type was adopted. Furthermore, to visually emphasize the unique characteristics of the Laseioge brand, design principles such as "delicate and intricate," "ornate and decorative," and "luxurious" were established. These principles ensure consistency across various brand touchpoints, including package design and container design. The package design effectively communicates stories about the product's materials, origins, and manufacturing processes through the use of patterns. The bottle design serves as an interior decoration piece, seamlessly blending into any space and adding vitality. The brand color system consists of three main brand colors and unique color palettes for each product line. This allows for visual differentiation between products while expressing the brand's diversity. The main color is a nature-inspired green, symbolizing the harmony between nature and humans. Additionally, a bright gray represents balance, while a golden color symbolizes transcendence and power, serving as secondary colors.

Impression & mise en couleur

Depuis 2012, Antoinette Poisson redonne vie au savoir-faire artisanal de la dominoterie dans le respect des techniques des maîtres dominotiers du XVIIIème siècle.

Décoration & scénographie

Nous mettons à votre service l’ensemble de nos compétences pour définir votre projet de décoration en vous accompagnant de sa conception jusqu’à sa réalisation.

Design & collaboration

Nous allions nos savoir-faire à celles des marques pour créer des univers uniques et signer des objets personnalisés qui prennent essence dans les arts décoratifs du XVIIIème siècle.

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